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Welcome to "About me" section. Note that this section is an English translation of this one (in Spanish). 

If you want to contact with me, email me: abelardolg.docencia@gmail.com

I am a J2EE Senior Developer focused on Automation and Control.

8 years of experience in several IT companies and wide variety of projects: Government, insurance companies, Halcón Viajes (where I was the leader of a project to build a gateway which connected its flight section with Amadeus by using JNI technology) and European projects (7th Framework Programme) such as: PERSONA among others.

My skills are: 
- multicultural team thanks to my years in European Commission - Research: The Seventh Framework projects (Greek, Portuguese, Italians, Germans and Danishes among others) such as PERSONA (http://www.lst.tfo.upm.es/research-areas/active-healthy-aging/persona/)

- I have a very strong grasp focused on mobile technology (mainly Android). I know the J2EE technology inside and out and helps relay technical information to customers in an accessible way. I explained our projects clearly to European colleagues and make the most of technological avenues to gain new leads and customize his goals. During an early review, I discussed in detail with a prospective colleague the specific ways that our software could boost the goals of our European projects in order to improve them dramatically. By monitoring users’ presence across our website and blog, I provided each one with personalized service to meet his/her needs. I make the most of technology to find new prospects, provide modern solutions, and drive results.

In summary: Teamwork skills, communication, problem solving, leadership, commercial awareness (or business acumen), organization, perseverance and motivation, ability to work under pressure: This is about keeping calm in a crisis and not becoming too overwhelmed or stressed, confidence and so on.

In closing, I’d like to restate my strong support for my application to the role of software developer professional with you. I’m confident that I will surpass your expectations in this new role. I am driven, self-confident, proactively helpful, and smart, and I know I will continue to find success in developing. Please feel free to contact me at abelardolg.docencia@gmail.com with any other questions. Thank you for your time.

Thanks for your visit!

Abelardo León González
J2EE Senior Developer, writer and teacher.


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